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Emmanuel Jouthe | Danse Carpe Diem

photo : Maryse Boulanger

November 10th to 13th 2015

10:00AM to 12:00AM | Studio Rebel Bodies exhibition, Musée de la Civilisation

**The entrance will be at 16, de la Barricade street**

12$ for members/ 15$ for non-members


‘’Graduate of the University of Quebec in Montreal, Emmanuel Jouthe cofounded Danse Carpe Diem where he stands out as a choreographer/dancer. After four years of artistic co-direction with six other dancers and choreographers, he became the sole artistic director of Danse Carpe Diem/Emmanuel Jouthe in 1999.

His signature style of movement, involving rapid-fire energy and dramatic intensity, was quickly noticed by national and international producers, leading to multiple collaborations. Over the past ten years, he has added more than fifteen pieces to his repertoire.

Always in a fever of new challenges, he collaborates with other artists and choreographers. These collaborations getting him to explore new stage territories (in situ) and to seek new relations of proximity between the audience and the dance piece. Today, Emmanuel Jouthe is regarded as one of the leading figures on Montreal’s choreographic landscape. SUITES PERMÉABLES, his latest creation, was premiered in Montreal in April 2015.’’



The choreographer Emmanuel Jouthe wants to explore some of the Danse Carpe Diem’s repertory to share his artistic vision. The creations will be used as basic choreographic material in order to portray his work.


This workshop is possible thanks to Musée de la Civilisation.